Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Growing my garden....

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It usually takes a couple of years to learn the soil and water requirements in a new area before you really have a great crop. My garden is doing well but I can tell this is the first year here. We have much more sandy soil whereas before we had thick clay soil. My soil is also very 'wild'. Nothing was grown in it prior to our moving in. This fall I plan to add some great compost or manure. Just to enrich the soil for next year. 
My tomatoes are usually fuller by now. I gave them a bit of Miracle Grow. Hopefully it helps. I do have some blossoms already. The warm days and nights are great for tomatoes.
My mom and dad have several plants of rhubarb. They dug a few up that were needing to be moved and shared with me. Since rhubarb is harder to kill off than some weeds, you can bet those spots are already growing more rhubarb. My mom was only slightly surprised. Right now my plants are setting down deep roots. I may have gotten too many myself. Soon we will be enjoying some rhubarb crisp of our own.
My cucumbers had a really rough start! I think they are coming round. I plan to trelis them up the side of the steps.
My pepper plants are doing well. I am hoping to have enough to make salsa; Tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers....
I had to use some of my flower beds for vegis but I am planting some perrenials this year too. Dear hubby commented he loves the plants with bold color. When I saw these beauties I had to grab a couple. He was in Lowes grabbing some screws. I parked near the nursery entrance to 'wait' for him. He just laughed at me when he saw where I had parked. "I knew you couldn't resist" he said. Ahh, he knows me so well.
I do love the color starting to show in my flower bed. There are a couple that I don't remember the names of, a climatis, dianthus, some bulbs and these new flowers. Next year should be popping with color!
I made a couple of lady bugs from bowling balls. They are GREAT! So much fun. I wanna make a bumble bee to and maybe a couple for Christmas gifts.
I bought some flower bulbs the end of June. I planted them but didn't expect them to grow this year. To my pleasant surprise they are coming up wonderfully.
My watermelon plant is on slow motion. I don't know if we will get any fruit from it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Way back when Mr. M's speech therapist suggested the book "The Sunflower House". I haven't gotten the book (I can't find it) but did plant the giant sunflowers to be a great 'house' for Mr. M. They are REALLY growing. It was sunset when I took this picture. Notice how much the leaves are turned to the west. "SUNflowers" always point to the sun.
My garden... lettuce, beans, carrots, beats, and peas. I think I will plant another crop of beans. I had more but boys and a puppy wiped out one of my rows and thinned the others. I can't decide if I should do square-foot gardening in my little 10x10 plot. I may try a few things this fall to help me decide. What do you think? Rows or square-foot?
My everbearing strawberries are exploding. I think they are doing better than anything else. The birds have gotten several of them but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. he he he!
They are sending out so many runners already. If they keep this up it won't take long to have my beds full of green plants and red berries. Ohh, yum!
I hope to plant some June bearing plants next year for jam. I also want some June bearing raspberries. My everbearing raspberries are doing well too. Not bad for a first years growth.....
I will need to build a trellis for my grapevine to grow up before next spring. It isn't real big now but the fruit grows on one year old vines. Hopefully next year we will have lots of berries and some grapes!
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  1. Looking good! Learning the ins and outs of your garden area is hard and changes all the time. Hopefully you learn alot this year and next year you have the garden of your dreams.

  2. Your garden looks great!

    You can get a lot of the benefits from a raised bed garden in your traditional garden by having set pathways, and not walking in the rest. So you plant like it's in raised beds even though it's not. Then you only have to amend the parts you're planting in. My BIL did that in his garden. He was debating building raised beds, but money was tight, so I suggesting pretending he had raised beds. It's working great for him. It actually ends up being more of a wide-row system, if you've ever read about those.

  3. Alice thanks for the tips. I think I will try that next year. That is what I had in mind but I hadn't thought about the issues with amending the soil!

    Norah- thanks, It's a learning curve for sure. Our last garden was also 5000 sq/ft so I have to learn to do things on a small scale too. This year was all about learning.....


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