Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer table runner and chair....

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Remember back when I got this chair? I started painting it but got hung up, it just didn't look the way I pictured so I set it aside. Then we started redoing my friends daughters room and my interest in this chair peaked again. I had a different image pictured, something with a glaze finish but this is perfect for her room. Check out how we painted the walls here and the wall art. I hope she like the chair and it adds to her room. Dear hubby commented how good the chair turned out too......
My friend has been saying how she wanted to add some blue to her decor. Turguois is all the rage and adds some fun color to home decor. I made one of these runners for my sister in law but forgot to get a picture before giving it to her. I loved how it turned out. Hers was all soft, warm, vintage colors, Totally her! I decided  to do one for my friend too. No other color would do without some blue.
I love the colors together. I even have enough supplies to make one for myself. Yeah!

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  1. I love it!!!!
    Love the colors. I am a table runner fan so this is great!!
    following you now

  2. Thanks Dee! I'm glad to say my dear friend loved the colors as well. One of the joys of crafting right?


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