Monday, July 25, 2011

Activity Days and Pioneers

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This past week was a busy one for me. For Activity Days we taught the girls how to quilt. I am always surprised at the homemaking skills that are being lost with each generation. The girls loved learning to quilt and commented how much fun they had. We made it a "Mom and Me quilting" activity. We managed to do one quilt then enjoyed strawberry shortcake. I finished up 3 more quilts at home with the help of my friend and her daughter (also one of my A.D. girls).....
3 lap quilts and one twin size.
I love, LOVE this twin quilt. The top fabric was on clearance and the backing is just a twin top sheet. It was so pretty. I was tempted to keep it myself, hehehe.
Then this weekend we had the Pioneer parade. It is a celebration of the summer of 1847 when the first pioneers entered Utah. There are lots of activities for the kids. During the parade every one gets to dress up as pioneers. We had all the primary kids on the float.We used the quilts to decorate the sides of the float. Then we will donate them to the local hospital.
Of course I forgot to get pictures before the parade. We had left the camera in the van, oops. I did managed to snap a picture before everyone started to take things off the trailer- just barely!
Two of the cutest young pioneers in years! A simple straw hat, bandana, and paid shirt. Not "authentic" but it worked!
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