Sunday, July 10, 2011

This weeks menu 7/11/11

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I was able to get my Bountiful Basket this weekend so I will be able to fill in our main dish with great fresh vegi's. We will be out of town again over the weekend but I am hoping to take some food with us so we don't spend so much eating out. Not to mention the havick it causes our bodies. I feel so sluggish when we eat out several times while out of town. Maybe some sandwiches, chips, & fresh produce..... Perhaps I will even take some rice and chicken to zap in the microwave while we work at our old house.....
Grilled Turkey & Swiss Sanwiches
Sesame Noodles
Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice
French Toast
 I am also going to have to do more planning for lunches. I usually just use leftovers for lunch but of course summer time changes all the rules. Not to mention dear hubby having Friday's off too. (he works 10 hour shifts) It's nice to have 3 day weekends but lunches are becoming a bit of a challenge. Call me crazy but I just don't feel like cooking a big meal twice a day. That is not usually a problem but the quick meal/food items are disappearing around snack time. Hmm, I'll have to scavenge my cookbooks and have my shopping list ready for next week.
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