Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun projects for summer decor....

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I stumbled upon these this morning. They are definitely projects I wanna try.
I'm thinking a large Monogram would look good in dear sons room, next to our travel map.....
 I love this! Growing up near the river bed we had OODLES of river rock. We had to haul all the dirt in to landscape. Too bad mom didn't know of the decor treasures she had. I know right where to get my supplies. LOL
This would be lovely on my sink, even more lovely on my dear sis-in-law's sink. Mason jar decor is right up her ally. Hmm, maybe Christmas? What do you think sis? Or a late birthday gift?
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  1. Great deco ideas! LOL, I when I saw the picture of the soap pump I totally started drooling over it! What a genius idea!

  2. Hello...thanks for the link back....and for stopping by today. Love that mason jar....Now if I only had time to make all the fun things I want to. :).
    Happy day to you


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