Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Menu plans 7/5/11

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The week is already under way but I thought I would post my menu anyway. Summer is sizzling. We have been busy with swim lessons, vacations, day outings and a crazy work schedule. All of this hasn't helped my plan for blogging. I hope to get back to it this month. I'm sure all you blog friends have been missing my weekly menu, crazy boy antics and craft frenzies. ;-)
I was also thinking I miss my 52 projects. See back when I started blogging I found so many ideas I wanted to try I became overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I decided to focus on one project a week- thus leading to my 52 projects. It really was nice to have some direction. Not to mention how satisfying it was to do my post of a years of fun! With that I am hoping to get back to doing a project each week. Look for lots of fun to come.

Dinner at the Mi Casa's
Basil Pork Chops w/ salsa pasta & beans
Taco Ring

No shopping trips for me this week. I will be recovering from our weekend out of town. 
Be prepared, school shopping is just around the corner!

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