Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Girls room decor....

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I know what you're thinking...WHY in the world would a mom of 4 boys need ideas for a little girls room? Well, I have to do girly things vicariously. My sisters have girls and my best friend has girls. At the moment one of those little girls is feeling a little put out because of the lack of decor in her room. So we are on a mission to personalize her room. Hopefully we can make it a retreat she will love. Then she will stop looking with envy at big sis's room!
Right now her walls are a soft cream color...bare canvas to work with. She loves lime green with pink. So I am thinking of painting one of the walls green and making some pink curtains.....

Something like this would be fun along the wall by her closet....
hmmm, I may have even seen a circle board at DI a time or two....
And what about these to embellish her curtains?
What do you think Kaylyn?
Gonna have to keep looking. Anyone got some great ideas?
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