Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thrifty finds for future projects....

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I just realized it has been a while since I posted one of my craft projects. Could be because I have been busy with other projects ie. class parties and working. BUT! Never fear! I picked up some fabulous finds this past week and will be posting those redo's over the next week as I finish them. My favorite (I think?) is a free table from my work. They replaced it and were just going to toss it. I asked to have it. The bones were good it had just lost its top finish. Trash recycled!
My dear sister has been on the lookout for a nice bedside table for a while. Since her room is miniture itty bitty a bit small she couldn't get something the usual size. When I saw this at the local thrift store I sent her a picture and ended walking out with it. $10 is all! Once again, good bones, still sturdy, just needing a bit of TLC.
 Even though I have a house of boys I couldn't resist this lovely chair. It has beautiful lines and was begging to be redone for a little girl. I thought of my dear friends daughter but she already has a chair in her room. Oh, but don't worry dear hubby, I still have several nieces who would love this little chair. How would that be for an $8 birthday present?
 Last but not least my globe. Now, you may not find a globe something to write home about but I have been eyeing the old world style globes for a while but they aren't cheap and I always end up walking away from them. Imagine how quickly I snatched this baby up when I walked in and saw it! Only $3! It's a little worn and wobbled but my darling hubby loves me and fixed it up nicely.
The worn look will go right along with the decor I have planned for our "Man Cave". Yep, that's what I am calling our soon to be finished (hopefully) family room in the basement. I will have my crafting room and I plan on this room being a place the boys can retreat to with their friends so "Man Cave" it is. lol

It's funny how I look at things completely differently now. Rather than just seeing something broken I look past the finish and see potential. Gotta love it! My total for this weeks upcycle= $21 for 3 peices of furniture and one decor item!
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  2. Nice finds! I really need to get back to thrifting. I miss it.
    That chair totally screams for multi colored spindles and some funky tole painting! That would be such a fun and unique birthday gift. I know my own 11yo would love that.

  3. I LOVE everything you found! You have an awesome thrift store! I may have to come and visit...


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