Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dew This: Blog Spotlight

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If you need some ideas for St. Paddy's day decor check out Dew This!
She is a new blog I follow and I am impressed. I love the downloads she offers. Plus she has lots of other stuff too: recipes, mom tips, subway art, craft projects. She already has some done for March. I wasn't sure I was going to decorate for March, thought about going right to Easter since that's what I have but she has convinced me to do up some tiles and blocks for St Paddy's day. Something like this....
And a little of this....

How about some gift tags for those spring baby showers...
Of course you can get the girl tag too but I am, after all, Mom24Boys! ;-)
She is planning on doing some giveaways too. Of course this will be when she gets a few more followers, she's still a baby herself. Shouldn't be too long though cuz she has some great stuff! Check it out, follow and leave some love after you download some great stuff (cuz I know you will be)!
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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me!! This has totally made my month!!! You have a GREAT week!!!



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