Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Shopping trip....

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From Winco to Orem to Smiths, I spent all afternoon Friday shopping. I'd like to say it was a blast but I did have a 2 yr old with me. I love getting deals but this was more about getting the groceries than anything. Of course I still got some great deals. I stopped by Winco for the items not in the pantry or on sale at Smiths. I love Winco for bulk foods and their low prices. Over the past several months I have noticed that our local Walmart prices are high. Diapers are $3 more than even at other Walmart. As I paid closer attention I noticed this trend with other items too. It's pretty bad when I have to have them pricematch their OWN add. Because of this I have been trying to plan out my shopping a bit more and go into the city to do it. Thankfully Winco is just around the mountain.
We needed a new counter height chair at our computer and I found a great deal on KSL. They were a set of 5. They match the same style as our dinning table. I thought it would be great to have matching stools at the counter for the boys as well as at the computer which is also in the kitchen. So I set off for Orem. It has been a long time since I had been that far south. It was a beautiful drive.
 Then I headed to Smiths. Here is what I got for $48.
Got the popcorn restocked again. And we can never have enough Kleenex! Goldfish were just in time for Josh's science project (don't ask!). Tomatoes, for all the pots of chili. Ibuprofen to settle the back ache. Frenches dipping sauce for the Superbowl wings. And chocolate to make it all sweeter. Lindt truffles ended up being only $1.79. Perfect for my Valentines night with my sweetheart!
 With the van full Matthew and I headed home from Orem...through Lehi and Saratoga Springs...around the mountains...pass the deer way of Stockton...and into Tooele.
sorry for the grainy pictures, I didn't realize my camera was on the wrong setting
Ya gotta love what you can pack into a van!
Here are the wonderful barstools.

 It didn't take long for the boys to enjoy them.
Now it's time to get all these groceries put on the shelves downstairs.
I love coupon shopping!
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