Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Albertsons Trip

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This is what I got for $41.68.
4 packages Tyson Anytizers
2 Digiorno pizzas
1 Dreyers ice cream
2 Wholly guacamole
1 doz eggs
2 Kikkoman soy sauce
5 Gatorades
6 Popcorn
6 liters pop
Some of these things were just an okay deal but the timing was great, I plan to use them for the Superbowl.
I took my friend with me to Albertsons to teach her how to coupon shop.
She was thrilled! She couldn't believe how much she saved. It is always so much fun to see someone on their first coupon trip. The are always thrilled and realize just how fun this can be. Not to mention how addicting. And that is even before her dear hubby saw what she got and how much she saved. She realized she had thrown money away when she tossed out her doublers....I know, I KNOW! She didn't know what they were. Don't worry though. She's learning. LOL! 
Campbells soup was part of this sale but I make my soup from scratch now. Doing that always leads to leftovers so soup, any soup, from a can just doesn't make up for it.
I was glad to finally see a good sale at Albertsons. I miss the days of multiple trips. I used to be able to restock my pantry with their sale cycles. The great sales are fewer and farther in between. Now I just have to search a bit more for the deals. Needless to say this was a great week!
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