Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beating Spring Fever....

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I have fallen in love with Tai Pan trading. Each time my sister comes we make a trip there. More than anything we get great ideas for making our homes express us. I was on the look out for decor for dear son #2's room that will soon be finished. I got a couple of things but more on that later. Dear sis on the other hand came away with some amazing finds.
She got this little ceramic watering can. Then we stopped by Michaels for the $0.99 flowers. They were long stemmed so she just cut them down a bit. I L.O.V.E. how she arranged them in the can.
They just scream SPRING!
She also found this lovely mirror on clearance for 50% off. We added the flowers. She plans on hanging it above a desk for her little girl to use as a desk/vanity.
Her little boy is a HUGE momma's boy. I could just keep him with my boys though. He is adorable!
So after all's said and done I come away with great laughs and fun with my sister and a few fun crafts...

So my St Patricks Decor is up. Do you think I could convince her to leave her flowers and blocks? They just go so well all together. Don't you think?!
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