Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Menu with recipes

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I know I didn't post last weeks menu but it's just how the week went. I will make it up to you with this weeks menu....
Parmasan Chicken  w/ green beans 
Chicken Cordon Bleu w/ steam carrots and rice
Cheese steak Subs w/ vegi sticks
Lasagna w/ corn and easy breadsticks
(I'd rather have a green salad but I think we will have used it all up)
The end of the week is suppose to be cooler with rain showers so I thought chowder would be nice. I have acutally never made clam chowder but I love it! I may have to lighten it up a bit or check out a WW recipe. I am hoping to get back on track this week and track my points better.
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  1. I think I want to eat dinner at your house this week! Every thing looks delicious!


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