Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Steam Canning Guidelines....

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Even if you blog staulk me I eventually learn about it, in more ways than one. ;-P
After reading my pie filling post a friend of a friend email a friend to share concerns regarding the guidelines for steam canning.... or rather the lack of guidelines.
Admitedly I have not researched this. I take great pride in a wonderful family with reliable information. I trust in their recommendations. (isn't that what we all do in life, gotta luv family) I have canned for years and come from a long family history of canning. Steam canners, however, are new so they have not gotten set guidelines on temp and timing. 
Here is what I do know....
1- steam is higher temp than water, the sealing occurs as the food cools producing a vaccuum and sealing the jar and preserving the food.
2- steam canning is used in place of water bath canning for high acid foods only
3- high acid foods don't run the same risk of bacteria that vegitables do. The "canning" process is for sealing the bottles rather than killing bacteria. Pressure cooking is needed to kill/control bacteria. Bottles should always be checked after sitting overnight for proper sealing.
4- when opening home canned food always inspent the quality of the seal, color of food, and for any odor. When in doubt- throw it out.

So, help me out. Leave me a comment and educate us all. I know there are lots of fantastic and very knowledgable canners out there. In the meantime I will have to do some research and let you all know.

Tina...you are usually my go to gal for issues like this...What do you have to say???
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