Thursday, February 3, 2011

Classroom Valentine Ideas

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I love having a blog because I can share the ideas that I like with my friends and family. You know the ol' saying a picture is worth a thousand words, well, it's nice to have a picture to refer back to either in describing the project or just doing the project. With 4 boys I am trying to plan fun and creative ways for their class valentines. There are dozens of fantastic ideas but I am talking about 80+ Valentines to make so each one has to be quick and simple. Last year I made Peppermint heart Valentines. The boys came home raving about how big of a hit they were. It was more work than I thought they would be. They were simple but a bit tedious when doing 50-60 of them.

Now I am wondering what to do for this year. I bought Valentines on clearance last year but the store bought ones are just not as fun as homemade. Ok, Okay! so I am really just looking for a reason to HAVE to craft ;-)

These are my favorite ideas so far...

I LOVE this one. It is definitely on my list!

And I have made 25 of these already...

So what would you do? I think I will end up doing some of each. The picture ones will come together so very fast with photoshop....
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