Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Fever

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Spring is springing much earlier than we are used to. OKAY! So there really isn't a "Spring" in Southeast Idaho....
In any case cabin fever will be greatly reduced this week.  With the snow melting the boys are enjoying going out to the yard to jump and ride bikes.
We are all enjoying soaking up a bit more of this....
Yep, getting our daily dose of Vitamin D! It will be in the 40's and 50's over the next few days. When you are used to 20's in February this becomes heavenly! Of course it makes me turn a bit green. I start thinking of planting. What to plant, when to plant, which leads to what to can etc. *sigh*
The feel of fresh dirt in the toes is very therapeutic!
Can't you just picture this spot blossoming with peas, lettuce, carrots, and green beans? Perhaps a little broccoli and tomatoes as well!? It seems to be taunting me. "How long can you hold out?" Yep, I think I will be planting next month! Cool weather plants of course.
Remember my tree deal from the fall? They will be budding and bursting with growth soon too (I hope!)
I have already started planning and searching for strawberry plants.  Picture the bright red berries among this rock wall!
I hope to also plant some raspberries and grapes this year. Of course we will need to get the fence in first...
I love spring and the renewal of growth.
When cabin fever takes over come on down to our house. We will BBQ and enjoy SPRING!!!!
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