Wednesday, February 2, 2011

African Paper Doll

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My dear friend called the other day begging asking for help with a project for her daughters. I worked all weekend so we planned to get together today. The project: to take a simple, plain, white paper doll and dress it as a South African. I searched a bit online to get a picture in my mind. This is the picture I based our project on...
I thought I had some safarii print fabric but couldn't find it so I had to go with my second choice. I am pleased with what we came up with....
 Apparently it was a big hit! Her daughter called to tell me how much she loved it.
 We started by covering the white paper with brown. Then we made the robe which was probably the easiest piece to decide on. We added a little ribbon so help with the embellishments that African clothing always seem to have. It also adds a bit of contrast. African clothing is also very rich and vivid in color. Adding a purple turban went along with the vibrant color choices of African culture. I just wrapped it similar to how the rosettes are made.
(Oops, looks like I missed some glue strings) I absolutely L.O.V.E. the way the face came together. Ironically that is what I would have thought would be the hardest to get realistic. Kaylyn penciled the nose and lips in. Then I used makeup to shade and add color. What lady doesn't want a rosey cheeks and red lips. Mixing soft eyeliner and lipstick I was able to get that shaded look with the fine details on the lips.
 Beaded jewelery also seems to be a significant part of African clothing, so we added a necklace...
 some bangle earrings.
and some bracelets.
What do you think? Does she look like a fair representation of Traditional African clothing?
Yeah, I think so.
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  1. That's fabulous! You a a crafting genius! I wish I had your talent!!!!


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