Sunday, June 10, 2012

100 Activities for Summer

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 With 4 active boys life can get pretty crazy! Then summer comes. Now, don't get me wrong...I have been looking forward to summer. No more chasing boys to and from school and various activities. For us, summer is family time. It's a time to go on hikes and trips; to have water fights and read a great book in the warm sunshine. BUT...I don't want to have it be a totally unproductive time. I like the boys to retain some of what they learned through the school year and to explore new things. I want them to have something to write about when the teacher gives the "what I did this summer" assignment. So this year I made a list.
(I actually made most of the list during church hehehe) Each of the boys, dad included, added to it. Now, I don't know if we will get to all 100 things but it will be fun all along the way.
 Some things are simple, maybe something we would do anyway, but this will be a way of tracking all the fun summer brings. I just wrote them out on regular poster board. Nothing fancy. I want the boys to look forward to crossing each one off. Wanna know what we included on our list?
Well here you are.....Our 100 Activities of Summer list
1. Light off fireworks
2. Dip Strawberries
3. Send thank you cards
4. Roast hotdogs
5. Go to daycamp
6. Build a summer project
7. Have a pizza night
8. Have a block party
9. Play with the giant sling shot
10. Duct tape fun
11. Sidewalk chalk art
12. Enjoy snowcones
13. Pioneer Game day
14. Build a fort
15. Do leave rubbings
16. Write in a summer journal
17. Go to the thrift store
18. Do a giant family crossword puzzle
19. Make a beans and pasta mosaic
20. Ride go carts
21. Ride a roller coaster
22. Sew a button
23. Build a kickball field in the empty lot across the street.
24. Have a neighborhood beautification day
25. Make a craft
26. Dutch oven
27. BBQ
28. Go to a parade
29. Go to Yellowstone
30. Go to Zions National Park
31. Go camping.
32. Go to Bear Lake
33. Have a Tug-of-war
34. Make popsicles
35. Bake cookies
36. Make homemade ice cream
37. Pick Huckleberries
38. Sleep on the tramp
39. Do "50 photos with your kids"
40. Go to Grantsville Reservoir
41. Swim Lessons
42. Go to the pool
43. Hike
44. Go to Timpanogoos cave
45. Memorize a scripture
46. Memorize an Article of Faith
47. Make homemade chocolate
48. Make a fingerprint map
49. Draw a picture
50. Plant a flower
51. Plant a tree
52. Have a backyard movie
53. Make a craft
55. Read a book
56. Water-balloon Relay
57. Sew a pillowcase
58. Go to Hogle Zoo
59. Go to the Idaho Falls Zoo
60. Go on a family bike ride
61. Have a bike car wash
62. Have a tournament
63. Scripture Chain
64. Play catch
65. Shaving cream slip and slide
66. Nap in the Sun
67. Make Sugar cookies
68. Make smoothies
69. Make paper airplanes
70. Sponge waterballs
71. Homemade strawberry lemonade
72. Walk Scooter
73. BBQ with friends
74. Dutch oven
75. Buy fabric of your choice
76. Piano concert at home
77. Build a sandcastle
78. Goblin Valley
79. Go to a New Temple
80. Go fishing
81. Geo-caching
82. Scripture Chain
83. Backyard Smores
84. Tie Dye T's
85. Bird Watching
86. Real Soccer game
87. Slip and Slide
88. Feed Ducks
89. Run through the Sprinklers
90. Fly RC plane
91. Day at the park
92. Drive Inn Movie
93. Blow Bubbles
94. Visit a museum
95. Homemade rockets
96. Roast Marshmallows
97. Have a picnic
98. Do an experiment
99. Look at the stars through the telescope
100. Go to 4 Corners area

What's on your list?

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