Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Landscape update

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What a difference a little time can make. After showing a friend my old landscape blog posts I realized it was time for an update. We have lived in Utah for 2 yrs now- WOW! We started with only the front of our home landscaped. The back was....well....see for yourself....
Yeah, pretty nasty.
After a bit of time, and a lot of sweat our yard is coming together.
These quakies are growing so fast. They were just spindly little things, now they are branching out and actually provide a bit of shade.
The front beds are needing trimmed and perenials split.
Maybe by the end of summer I will have a bit of a flower bed trimmed around this tree.
I have Hastas and Bleeding Hearts filling the shady areas. I just wanna add some Columbines too.
I love the timeless look of the Bleeding Heart.
I love the rock work too. It creates texture and dimension to our yard I had not imagined. An added plus is the boys get to climb all over and have a natural "bunker" for their play time.
Instead of sharp thorns that sting even after being pulled out we have soft grass and a playset for 4growingboys.
The grass is growing well....guess I need to mow again. ;-)
We hope to have the deck on this fall. Something with a nice Pergola for shade in the summer.
My tulips are all spent but the Dianthisis are popping out with beautiful shades of pink. I took these pictures earlier in the should see them now!
I love these!, see my lady bug hiding in the plants. FUN!
I hope my raspberries will really fill in this year. I am anxious for some raspberry/huckleberry jam.
One last plant I didn't get a picture of is my grape plant. I am thrilled with all the clusters of grapes forming. It was too cold in Idaho to have grapes vines so this is a new adventure in the garden.
Not a bad before and after huh!
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