Saturday, June 9, 2012

School supply cake

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 We love our teachers! At the end of the year there are oodles of ideas of thank you's to give teachers. I have several friends that are educators and they have always said they end up with so many crafty nick-nacks that they don't know what to do with they all. They prefer consumable gifts. Great! Shoots all sorts of ideas for this crafty mom down the drain. So, what's a thrifty mom to do? Start by looking at what I have on hand already. Thanks to stocking up during fall back to school sales I had lots of supplies.
 Have you seen this stuff? Fun-tak?! It is sticky for wall hangings but can be easily removed. I used it to help stick the pencils to a box of kleenex. Then I wrapped around a rubber band.
 Add a few glue sticks, ribbon, post-its, and pens and.........
 Voila. One fantastic teachers gift. I don't have a clue how much this cost was all purchased previously on screaming deals. That's what I like the best about it. I had all the supplies on hand. Everything can be dismantled and reused. And it is exactly what the teachers need to help MY boys out. Gotta luv it!
 I made another for a different teacher with some touches she prefers, like Clorox wipes. ;-)

 We also hit the Scholastic Warehouse sale to get screaming deals on books. I love helping the teachers add to their classroom supplies. We purchased book series. Hopefully some other student will love these as much as we have!
Thank you teachers for all you do!
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  1. Shannon--these are SOO cute! I love them!! What a super cool gift for teachers! I agree we could use ALL of those items! We sure do miss you guys alot back up here!

  2. Thanks Deana! I think the teachers loved them too. Can't tell you how much we miss Idaho!


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