Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Burlap Americana Banner

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I saw this pattern at my sisters house, loved it, then loved it more when I realized I had everything waiting for me at home. 

 The burlap was for some other project long forgotten. Now I had new life to give it. Thanks to my cricut I cut vinyl stars then used painters tape for the stripes.
Then we headed out to the driveway to spray paint.
I happen to have metallic blue, it was perfect. Just a hint of sparkle for the stars.
Red stripes with the soft brown burlap showing through.
In the end....It was a great hit. I love it. My front door decor is coming together. I have a hard time with garlands around the door although I absolutely love them.
Burlap and the old Red, white and blue....classic Americana.

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