Monday, June 11, 2012

Duct Tape Lanyards

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Thanks to Pinterest for finding another great idea. I made these lanyards for my 7 yr olds birthday party favors. The boys loved them, flames and camo. My older boys enjoyed them too. With so many colors and prints of duct tape now days the possibilities are endless. These came together so fast too.
I measured 3 feet of tape.
Folded it 1/3 over then the other side over, just enough to over lap a bit.
I did little sections at a time to make sure I didn't get off.
Then measure it around so that it lays flat. I had these rings already. Pull the tape ends through the ring together. Then use a small strip of tape to secure the ends together....I hope you can see it.
Give it a try. I wish I had girls so I could play with the polka dots or flower. So COOL! And cheap. My dear mom-in-law is gonna use this idea at family scout camp. They are always looking for simple boy projects.

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  1. Lanyards print is my fave work. I love this work. Thank you for introducing me a great post.


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