Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miche purse....

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When my sister mentioned she was having a Miche purse party I was thrilled. My personal handbag recently got caught on the seat belt and ripped the strap... see right there?
Can you see it now? Yeah, pretty sad. I haven't had this bag for long and I quite like it so I was not a happy mom.
So when my sis asked about it I showed her. "That's Ghetto!" Hmm, thanks sis. I go for function more than fashion. Thankfully she sets me straight on a regular basis. She promptly pulled down numerous purses for me to choose from. Then went to the closet to pull out her selection of Miche handbags. Now I must warn you, I use a bag until it is worn out, buy another, rinse and repeat. I seldom have more than 1 purse in my closet at a time. 

Thank heavens for little sisters. She showed me her bags and said, "here, why don't you take this one home to see if you like it?!"
Thanks sis. I think I do. Can I keep yours?
See lots of room...more than you would think. I can put my wallet, kindle, makeup bag and all the other goodies moms are to carry in it.
I kinda like being in fashion now. It makes me smile. Who would have thought a little thing could be so fun. Yeah, it's a girl thing. Now to decide which bag to put on my wish list.
The best part of having sisters is sharing fun fashion. My favorite place to shop is 
"My Sisters Closet"!

All thoughts are mine- no reimbursements what so ever ;-P
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