Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hot summer days freebie...

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It has been so very hot, windy, and dry the past couple of days. If it is this way already I fear what August will bring. On the bright side maybe it will be too hot to go out and I will get to spend some time in my craft room, in the cool basement, crafting and catching up on some of the projects I have. 
Not to mention all the Pinterest projects I have in mind to do.
Todays freebie is simple but fitting both for our weather lately and my Arches pictures. 
We have lots of plans for more camping, family activities and of course the 4th of July. We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the Melaluca Freedom Celebration. They shoot off 100's of fireworks. All coreographed with music and inspirational thoughts with KLCE 97 radio. It is amazing. They say it is the best firework celebration this side of the Mississippi and I believe it. Idaho may not have much (we like it that way) but they know how to show their patriotism!
We also hope to pick some huckleberries. My supply has been long gone and we are missing our huckleberry pancakes. If you haven't had huckleberries you are missing out. They are cousins to blueberries but a bit more tart and I must say tastier. They are about the size of a pea so it takes a lot to fill your bucket. It also takes a bit to find a spot. They grow wild in the mountains. Good luck on getting anyone to spill the beans on their favorite spot. The mountains around us don't have them so we will be heading back home to Idaho when they start to come on. Wish us luck. Hopefully they will be producing well this year. 
Do you have fun summer plans?
Enjoy these freebies! Just click on the picture to go to the download.

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  1. Thanks so much for the wordart.

  2. The summer berries that we pick down here in the south are blackberries. Makes great cobbler...yum! Thanks for the great word art.

    1. Ooh, Lisa! You just made me hungry for cobbler.... :-p


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