Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nature word art freebie

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I hope with all of our outdoor adventures my boys are learning to appreciate nature. I love being in the fresh air. I have horrible allergies but still prefer to have the windows open and the breeze blowing through. Last summer we started hiking and we have enjoyed every minute of it. The boys are getting old enough to help and not need to be carried....except Mr. Matthew. I figure carrying him is just added bonus for mom's workout.

As we hiked around Arches this year we took our time, stopped to take pictures, watched the lizards and enjoyed the view. I wouldn't call us experienced but we are more than just beginners. My boys are great hikers too. They seldom complain of being tired. I guess the anticipation of seeing another lizard is just what a little boy needs to keep him moving. 
 A lot of times I am asked how I manage a house of boys. I have learned one important lesson over the years....If I can manage the energy and afford the groceries I am set!
Boys aren't difficult. They just have mass reserves of energy. They naturally burn it off whether indoors or out. Being outside just makes moms sanity remain intact!

Jumping, biking, hiking, swimming are all great ways to wear them out. Then when it is time to go home and mom and dad want to just relax the boys are ready to relax as well. I love it! But PLEASE SHHH! Don't tell the boys of my motives! ;-)

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