Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lovin' the Outdoors word art freebie

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Sharing a double feature today!
I have been working a lot lately so I sleep during the day. Now, I will be off for several days, I want to get our last camp trip scrap-booked. Then I can share these word arts put to use.
I hope my boys are up to having mom around again. Of course it shouldn't be too bad since grandma and grandpa are coming down this weekend. It always promises to be crazy fun when grandma comes to visit. I have yet to meet a lady who can wrap ANY little boy around her finger like my mother in law. 
You think I am kidding but NO! 
She is amazing with boys. Of course working in cub scouts for so many years we lost count certainly helps...not to mention 5 boys of her own. 
She is amazing to watch with boys. 
My own mom, well, she doesn't get boys and will be the first to admit it. She tends to be a girly girl grandma, hehehe.
Funny how that works huh?!
Either way~
Either grandma~
We love visits from Grandma and Grandpa!
Let the fun begin.

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