Monday, June 17, 2013

Manly cards....

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I hope youl had a great Father's Day weekend. I worked all weekend but managed to have a relaxing few hours with my sweet hubby and talk with my dear dad. 
Between us, I think my boys were glad to have dad all to themselves. They spent time playing Pokemon while mom was working. My hubby is wonderful with his boys. It helps that he is just a big boy himself but they really do love playing together. It is great for me to watch. 
I made a couple of cards for my dad and my father in law. There are 3 to 1 more boys than girls in my hubby's family so male cards are always on my radar. I was tickled to come up with these.
 I am loving Jim Holtz stuff. It is perfect for the manly card. A while back I found some on sale. I grabbed several items. These just don't go on sale that often.
 So here's what I did....
 Start with a nice brown base....
 Stick the checker print and a thin strip of the striped print on a darker brown....
 I love using a bit of jute. Wrap it around twice then tie a bow...
 I used the foam adhesives to give it a bit of pop. Then stick it to the card base.
 From here I used alphabet cards and a nice pin...
 I usually make up a couple of extra cards. If you have the supplies out for one it doesn't take much more to make a couple of extra.
Now when I need a birthday card or something else I can add a couple more embellishments or alpha cards and have a great card in seconds. It's what keeps me from drowning in last minute, "oh no, I nearly forgot" moments.
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  1. These are so cute! I love Jim Holtz paper as well, but can never justify getting it unless it's on sale... What a great find!


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