Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Summer has been quickly filled up with family outings, camping, and reunions. Lots of journeys and lots of time for my mind to think and ponder and evaluate. I wanted to share a journey of sorts with all of you.....

A couple of years ago I finally reached my limit. I needed to take steps to loose weight. I have a bad back from years nursing and moving patients. I needed to strengthen my core and I could feel the baby weight lingering way too long.
I worked hard on my own.
I joined Weight Watchers.
I joined the gym through work.
I got a personal trainer.
I dieted.
You name it (within healthy limits) I tried it.
Counting calories, counting carbs, organic, no artificial stuff.....
Now 2 years later I wish I could say I had reached my goal. The fact is I am only down 10 pounds. UGH! I have rode the coaster of emotions over this journey. I just wanted to get in better shape. I work hard. I eat healthy. I did what I was told to do and still could not get the scale to go down.
 I had sought help from my doctor who told me I have pulmonary hypertension. My thyroid was low end but "normal" so "you have no excuse!" He also told me to go to over-eaters anonymous. Holy cow!! I highly doubt 1500-1800 cal diet qualifies you for over eaters.I really respect this physician otherwise I would have told him to take a flying leap.
This last Memorial Day weekend we camped.We hiked. We ate fruit and vegis, We drank water. And yet I GAINED weight. WHAT?!?!
The following week I met with my trainer. The poor lady got an earful. I had a great workout physically as I worked out all my mental and emotional frustrations. I decided I didn't care anymore. I am healthy. I am becoming stronger and my sweet hubby tells me everyday I am beautiful. I actually enjoy working out. I know, crazy, but I do. It is often hard to get to the gym but I always feel better after going. I love to watch my muscles work and take shape toning and becoming stronger.
I enjoy fruits and vegis. My boys even enjoy a nice vegi tray to snack on for lunch. We grow our own garden and eat from that garden. I bake from scratch and enjoy trying new recipes. I FEEL good when I eat healthy. All the tracking and special diets took some of my joy in life away. I no longer baked. Cooking, menu planning, and grocery shopping became such a chore I dreaded it.
I realized it was not worth it. I will not be the perfect size. I will always be a bit taller and a bit bigger than the others, but that is OK!
It has been so liberating to let go of it all. I still work hard at the gym. I still eat good foods but I no longer stress over getting the scale down.
I no longer stress over how my clothes fit.
I no longer stress over counting calories.
What a relief. My new motto is becoming:
I am strong, healthy, and beautiful.....
and that is enough. That is just my size.
 I hope every woman can find her own size. The size of life that allows her to live, to love, and to experience all life has to offer. I will never be the perfect weight but I will always have the mental and emotional strength to live life to the fullest.
 Don't try to fit what isn't you. Chose health. Chose strength. Chose to shine. Chose to be happy!
You will find all that matters most will fall into place. 

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