Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Joys of Sheetrocking

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I have been busy this past week finishing DS#2's room. We are having a family retreat next week so we wanted to finish this room and have it set up as a temporary guest room. DS#2 sleep walks so we can't move him downstairs until the bathroom is finished too. That is planned for next month. 
Anyway, I am way excited for this room to be finished. I share several of my ideas and now I just want to see it finished. Dear hubby is great with computers, not so much with construction. I have to say though, together we make one heck of a team. Walls up, insulation done, wiring in, sheetrock up and now the texturing. I actually finished the texture this morning. Now to let it dry overnight and prime tomorrow.
Ooohhh, we're getting so close! Of course the retreat is creeping closer and closer as well....
Keep watching. I will post pictures of more boys room decor ideas and our finished project. DIY in it's truest form!
Oh, and I am hoping to finish my sisters nightstand redo in between paint coats. Lots of happenings around here. Be patient and you will get to see them all!
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