Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring project....

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My family came down this last weekend for a fun retreat. My mom and sister made these. They were from supplies I had on hand already. The beadboard was scraps from our bedroom build. The flowers were a find at a scrapbooking store that is going out of business, sad.... And of course I have lots of riboon and paper handy for any project that might come up.
This is mine.
This is my sisters.
 We didn't plan to coordinate our colors. Great minds just think alike!
I think they turned out great. They were simple too. It only took about an hour. Maybe more but we like to talk and the kids needed to help too. I gave the little girls cardboard eggs and butterflies to embellish while be did our project. 
The best part was just relaxing and visiting with my family. The weather was cold and nasty but we stayed in and crafted. Ohhh, we did go to Tai Pan Trading too. Nothing exciting there but fun for the girls. hehehe!
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