Sunday, January 1, 2012

Craft room Reveal!!

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I am so excited to finally be able to show you this!
Remember this....
Yeah, kinda rough. It took all my time through November (thus the reason for no posts) but it was worth it.
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Yep! That is my finished guest/craft room. Ahhhh, it feels good. We worked so hard to finish this. My dear hubby endulges me enough to understand my need for a personal retreat. Not to mention somewhere to focus my creative juices. Now I can retreat to my corner of the world anytime I feel the need.
I was worried about the bright yellow but I have grown to love it. It is bright and cheery- perfect for a basement room. I pledged to have one room of my house that had no blue in it. I also wanted to coordinate with the bedspreads I already had. This is what I came up with.
Yellow, soft green and black and white.
I still need to do a few things, like paint the window trim, add decor to the walls and sew the curtains.
Right now they are just draped up there. I had to test them out. I am so visually oriented that it makes a difference for me to see something in place to picture the end result.
We were going to put a twin/full bunkbed in this room but it quickly filled up. We opted to switch the boys beds around and put one of the twin beds in here. This was we still have lots of room for visiting family and friends but I don't feel boxed in.
The queen bed set was a steal on It would probably look better in black with silver knobs but it is such a nice piece I can't bring myself to paint it- yet.
I used the bottom drawers of the dresser for my gift bags and tissue paper. Ahhh, storage. It's heavenly!
And this?! Well, THIS is my corner of the world. It is all mine, to craft, sew, ponder, create and refocus.
Come on over anytime. I have a chair waiting just for you! We can create and visit and have a dandy ol' time.
In the corner I have my "cutting corner". I still have some work to do here as well but it's a work in progress.
One of the things we planned for was to have enough closet space to put all my projects and supplies. I figured if it overflowed it was time to get something done or done-away-with.
I used a clear shoe organizer to put all my scissors in. I may put my stamps in it too....
On one side I have my fabric sorted by shades. This is mostly the sewing side of things.
Oh, and that middle row is full of projects to finish or start. All those plans I had but never got to before my room was finished. Now they are just waiting their turn.
The drawers were on sale at Michaels on Black Friday; 50% off plus another 25% off coupon. I grabbed a couple for myself then some for mom and mom-in-law Christmas gifts.
I organized all my stickers in mine.
The back wall holds misc craft supplies. Beads, jewerly making supplies, wood crafts, paint brushes, glue guns, balloons, gift wrapping, birthday party supplies... All sorts of fun stuff.
On the other side is my paper crafts. Ribbons, buttons, paper, punches, stamps,'s all there.
Above are boxes of pictures. Something yet to be organized.
I love everything about my room. We even managed to clean up the soon-to-be family room just outside my room so the boys can play Lego's and games while I craft. I can craft when I want and when I am done I just close the door. It will be nice too to hide things in when family comes to visit. No peaking!
Yep, just my little piece of heaven here on earth.
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  1. It looks so good! Congratulations on having a space for YOU!

  2. I missed this reveal somehow. It looks fantastic! Isn't it fun having a room that's all your own? And not having to do the set up and clean up every time you want to work on a project? So happy for you to have that space now.

  3. Thanks Trish. I love being able to just close the door when it's time to return to life and boys. Did you figure out how to arrange your room? I have been watching but haven't seen what you decided......


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