Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Card Making for Beginners

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So what did you all think of the cards yesterday? 
Did you try any for yourself?
Give it a go. Invite your best girlfriend over and while you visit throw together a couple of cards. You will be surprised at how quickly they go together.
Here are some I threw together while visiting with my sweet friend.
With boys are birthdays tend to get a bit "Wild and Crazy".
I thought these rub on monkeys would be great. They are from a zoo set but hey, this works too.
Just add a touch of ribbon for some texture and you are done.
I picked up a small pad of quotes and sayings for all occassions. One tip my sweet mother in law gave me was that any quote can be turned into a saying on a card. It was simple to just round the edges of some scraps of paper, add a ribbon and finish it all off with one of the sticker quotes. A note just to shay 'hey'.
She had also picked up some of this paper from the dollar store. I think it may have even been discounted- she IS one of the most frugal ladies I know after all!
I used my 3.5 inch scalloped punch and a smaller punch to make the sunflower then added a gem to the center. Simple but I think it is just right for a "just because" kind of note.
BTW: I purchased my large punch with a 50% coupon as a "splurge" to make Christmas tags but it has been handy and ooh, so fun for many other projects too. Go ahead "splurge" on one for yourself. You will love it.
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