Monday, January 2, 2012

A week of cards....

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My mother in law has a nack for making simple yet lovely cards. 
Whenever you get one in the mail from her you can just feel the love that went into making that card.
It always brings a smile to your face- but more so when I discover yet another little secret of hers. 
A little snip here.
A bit of sparkle there.
Top it off with a witty note and 
VOILA, you have a "made especially for you" card from a sweet lady.
Now my cards on the other hand are...well... *ahem*....let's just say not quite that good. So this year I wanted to improve on that. It makes me feel good so I thought I could make some of my family feel good too. There are lots of times to send a quick Thank you note or a note to say "I'm thinking of you". I would have sent lots more had I already had some cards on hand.
I also realized of late that some people think Birthdays for adults are big deals too. They want to have the rest of us do special things for them as well. Apparently it IS a big deal to have your grandchildren wish you happy birthday....even if those boys say Happy Birthday and quickly pass the phone off.  
So mom, I have learned my lesson and plan on making a bigger deal of birthdays this year. After all, without Nov. 3 I wouldn't have a great mom like YOU!
Sooooo, I spent some time making cards of all sorts. Some Thank you's, Sympathy's, Birthdays, and Just because's. Now I have a basket full just waiting for the right moment to send a sweet note to someone special and let them know just how special they are to me.
This next week I will be sharing some of the cards I have made thus far. 
Now, I know there are lots of great, fantastic card makers out there. Mine won't be anything like those.
These cards are for those of us more simple minded ladies.
Not to mention those of us who only have so long before school is out and the kitchen has to reopen.
Let It Snow
The glitter words didn't work out the greatest but it was a fun experiment. Just a little pattern paper, snowflake stickers, glue and glitter.

Since I did this around Thanksgiving I just couldn't help the Gobble Gobble. 
I thought it was silly but it became Dear Hubby's favorite.
A remnant piece of brown, ric-rac, and turkey stickers.
One of my sweet nieces favorite color is orange. It's so crazy but she loves the color. I thought of her when I made this card. What better than a simple Happy Birthday sticker in ORANGE of course, of set with a rainbow ribbon.
See what I mean....
Now, I am ready to go. I'm sure I will have more elaborate ones soon, I'm having too much fun making them to not expand. ;-)
As for the insides.....I leave them blank most of the time. More room to write my personalized note just for them!
Have fun and let me know what you come up with!
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