Thursday, January 26, 2012

A week of pictures- almost

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I have had a very busy week although I didn't get many pictures scrapped. 
I worked on my blog, revamping the whole thing. I still want to add better feed buttons but am not sure how to do that. If anyone has suggestions please share.
I also did some Valentine wordart.
I planned on catching up a few more photo pages last night but got side tracked a bit.
Never fear. I will be making the most of my weekend and have more (hopefully) to show next week.
I'm expecting another book sale sometime this spring so I want to be ready. 
I am also hoping to learn a few more tricks in photoshop. I am wanting to do more and need to expand on what I have already learned. It's an ongoing process right?!
So here are the next 3 pages. I am up to 18 now. Let's is the 26, yeah just a touch behind. 
I may have to use some of my quickpages to catch up. They are great because all the work is already done. All I have to do is insert the picture and add a bit of journaling or wordart. 
Gotta love that!

After working on Valentines I didn't get any wordart done to share so instead I am sharing my  favorite wordart site.
Bethany is great. She had a ton of wordart to download for free and some packs put together to buy too. She even takes requests. Here are some examples of the great stuff she does.

Check it out and be ready to download some great Wordart!

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