Monday, January 16, 2012

Jewelry organizer

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I have so many projects that I have been wanting to get to over the past several is SOOO nice to finally be able to do just that. In this case it also means reclaiming some of my bathroom counter space. I don't have a lot of jewelry but have been getting more of late. Earrings are one thing but necklaces are another. They are always in a tangled mess. I saw this idea on Pinterest and grab hold of it.
Just take a curtain rod or fancy towel rod; use the shower curtain hooks to hang your necklaces from.
It turned out great. My sweet hubby commented on it right away. He really liked it which made my day! Guys just don't pay attention to things like this.
I hung mine a higher so it would be above my handtowel.
Now I may need to get more jewelry and more hooks. Plus I will be wearing my necklaces more often, now that I can see them!
I love it!

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