Monday, April 25, 2011

Ohh BOY!

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We are at the potty training stage. It's still touch and go around our house- we're just beginning and of course Mr. M. likes the toilet when not potty training or anything else...
Last week we had a rough go at it but mom was determined to stick with it. We were home all day doing housework. The perfect kinda day to wear underware.
First try...we miss.
Second refills the TP...we miss.
Now mom is watching the clock. We'll try again soon to get back on track right? So off mom goes to do some ironing. 
Fast forward 30 minutes (remember mom's watching the clock)
Mr. M, who has been playing wonderfully with Lego's in his closet is no longer interested in the Lego's. Instead, let's see how well an entire double roll of TP goes down in 1 flush!
I walk around the corner to see him and the dog watching as water seeps into the carpet from the bathroom. The toilet continues to run, the TP is preventing the drain and consequently the shut-off.
Once I pull the plug- literally- the toilet drains and turns off. Now, like a good mom, I keep my priorities straight even in times of crisis. I toss a couple of towels down on my way out for the CAMERA! Yep, gotta get the pouty picture of Mr. M. in trouble; fun spoiled.....
and of course the flooded bathroom!
Pictures are worth a thousand words but sometimes they just don't do something justice. We're not talking a little water here. Ohhh, NO! It's a puddle over the entire bathroom. I can't decide whether to use towels or get the wet/dry vac. I go for the immediate results and toss several more towels down, alternately wringing them out in the tub.
Now, pardon us but when you come to my house this is how you are likely to find the TP roll. Feel free to dig under my sink. Besides this is the boys bathroom. Not a big need for TP there. Yeah, we'll just dig when needed...
Lest mom have to go diving for soggy wads again. Uhmm, no thanks.
Hey, at least my toilet was clean. Now the floor is too.
Can you possibly get the picture of HOW MUCH WATER IS HERE?!?!
Yeah, good think I love that little rat! Now, just to turn my head as I snicker at his pouty face when mom told him this was naughty. lol! Going down in the record memory books.
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