Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pantry cooking menu

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The last couple of weeks I have been trying to focus on cooking from my pantry. I don't know about you but grocery shopping just about puts me in tears now. The cost of basic foods is going up so fast! I cook from scratch, don't buy prepackaged foods. My last shopping list includes dairy, fruits and vegis, flour and a couple of odds and ends. My total $80! YIKES! That was suppose to be a low budget week. *sigh*
So today, I searched the fridge, scanned the pantry, and browsed recipes. What kind of menu could I build with minimal expense? Here you go...

Tuna Noodle Casserole and green beans
Sausage Primavera
BBQ Steak, baked potatoes, pickles beets
Egg Salad Sandwiches with green salad
Roast with sweet potatoe fries

We will be traveling to see family Friday and over the weekend so it means fewer meals to plan.
As for my shopping list.....I think I have everything. WHOO HOO! How is that for cooking from your pantry? I even have 2-3 gallons on milk left. 
If I make cookies and some muffins add that to the apples in the fridge I may be able to handle the boys non-stop snacking too. Not to mention the Easter candy.
I have to get baby wipes but can't think of anything else I will need to go to the store for!

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  1. We're trying to cook from our pantry also, everything is so expensive at the moment, except for chocolate which is no help at all!

    Those meals sound great!


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