Monday, April 11, 2011

Rolling Ladder....

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My son's room has a loft like area above the closet. I am thinking of making this into a reading nook for him. I think he and his best buddy would have lots of fun (and hopefully not cause any ER visits). Of course Mr. Buddy may decide to never go home...oh wait, they have the best Wii game! So much better to beat that game than our own, you know the game that I hear about Every. Waking. Minute. of the day. Funny how I still can't remember the name of this MOST AMAZING game that dear son has made to ever increasingly high levels. Yes, the life of a 5 yr old after kindergarten is tough. You may find these two boys either climbing the wood piles across the street, digging in the dirt piles, or playing the Wii. Yep, true blue boys, through and through! But I digress...
So, since this loft is above the closet I thought of building this ladder. (Sorry, I couldn't post this picture)....
What do you think? Am I crazy? Asking for trouble? Inspiring imagination?
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