Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrapbooking momentos

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 I spent some time this weekend, this snowy April weekend, to clean the basement and organize my scrapbook paper. I also unpacked a couple more boxes. We are nearing our 1 yr anniversary of moving in, June 11. Most of our stuff is unpacked...let me correct that. All of our stuff is unpacked except for my crafting supplies. As I have yet to finish my craft room I have left much of it in boxes. We are making progress which allowed me to organize some supplies. It was nice to glance through my boys baby books. They grow way too fast as any mother can attest to.
When I came across the last 2 books I had in progress I was pleasantly surprised. This was prior to my switch to digital scrapping and I thought I was further behind on Mr. M's baby memories. I have some pages to journal on but they are assembled. I hope to finish the journaling and file them in the correct book this next week.
I thought I would show how I save the non-picture memories. Several years ago I bought several Creative Memories albums. I actually prefer 3 ring binders but with the 12x12 pages they became very large and hung over my book shelves. These binders are very nice, it was just easier to insert pages done out of order.
On the inside cover I tack down notes and growth stickers from Dr's visits and such.
I don't know why blogger insists on turning my photos but please just bear with the crook in my neck...;-)
I include the hospital armbands in their books. Just attach them with glue dots.
Oh, and don't forget the footprints. These items are filed right along wtih the photos to be scrapped. If I keep them all together I will be sure to include them rather than haveing to add them later.
I have always saved a copy of the hospital bill. Someone once told me that was silly and why would I do that. I think it will be interesting to look back in 20 yrs and see how much it cost for them to be delivered. Perhaps add some perspective to their own family beginnings. I am glad I've done this.
One page for baby's bill and one for moms bill.

Some pages are full sheets for Certificates etc. These are not the legal docs but the pure memories ones.
One of my favorite finds was little pouches that sealed.
I knew just how I would use them....
Baby's first hair cut.
 They are perfect for those locks of hair.
I try to journal on pictures but sometimes the picture just says it all. Those are the times I turn to some fun, inspiring word art.
These are a couple of the books I pulled from frequently.
Some long, some short but always perfect for a house of little boys.

So there you have it. My style is simple. Sometimes I do more elaborate pages but not usually. I don't have lots of time and I'm outnumbered 4:1. I figure having simple pages, yet completed books, makes it all worth it. I have numerous binders full of scrapbooked pages. I am proud to say, until the past couple of years, I have kept up pretty well. It is all worth the effort when my boys look through each others albums and reminise. It does this mommy's heart good.
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