Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Projects to check out

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I find that 2 am is a great time to blog surf. I am usually at work and trying to get through the quiet early morning hours. Once I have put everyone down, completed my charting I get to-hopefully- take a break.
Here is what I found tonight...
Table runner from Madigan made
Dear son #3 officailly turns 6 today. I love this idea with balloons. I think I will do it while he is at school today. Maybe I can do a bit more too, except kindergarten gets out at 11:45. Hmm, I may have to work fast!
How do you think Birthday boy would like coming home to this on his door...

On a side note, I am gonna have to try this dressing recipe! YUM!

I love Sticky Finger salad. This will have to make it onto my menu for next week...

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  1. Aww. Thanks so much for the mention! When I can't sleep, I get up and read blogs (or use StumbleUpon to surf). That salad sounds yummy!


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