Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Americana Porch Decor.....

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I have been working to finish some projects. You know, all the great ideas you start but never get a chance to finish. This is one of my projects that I wanted to finish for the 4th of July but will get to enjoy it for Labor Day.
I used some leftover bead board to paint my stripes. After taping off I painted the blue square. Then I used my cricuit to cut a star template. I didn't get all 13 stars on but still love how it turned out. When I finished painting I added a brown glaze to antique it. Now I can't decide whether to hang it or let it stand in the corner by my front door.
I think I will ponder it until Memorial day. Soon I will be redoing my porch decor and putting fall up. Horray! I love the fall colors. Fall baking. Cool nights and warm days. Spicey apple scents. Yep, fall is my favorite season. Just before my favorite holiday- Christmas!

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