Monday, August 8, 2011


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A couple of weeks ago I noticed a hummingbird zoom around the back yard. I was thrilled! I love to watch these amazing little birds. We had some nectar but our feeder got broken in the move last year. My next trip to the store included picking up a new feeder. We filled it up and stuck it to the window where we could watch.
and wait.....
This morning I caught it slipping in for a sip. By the time I got my camera it had already zipped away. I thought I would be sneeky and keep the camera close but with 4 boys around I've not yet caught the little bird. I am hoping to have more start hanging around. Next year this will, hopefully, be full of flower blossoms waiting to have the nectar stolen.
If I fill the birds up maybe they will help to pollinate my fruit trees. Hummingbirds are like bees that way. They just have an added benefit of being beautiful to watch!
Keep coming little birdy!
We look forward to your company!
So share what your favorite Hummingbird and Butterfly attracting flowers are. I still have room for more perennials!
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