Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bento style lunches

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My dear hubby works 10 hour shifts out on the Utah desert. He doesn't get an official lunch break but rather eats on the run. He doesn't like anything salty to make him retain water. He needs only finger foods and prefers high moisture content foods, like grapes and watermelon.
I asked him for requests and he said, fruit and vegis are nice...(yep, we always have those thanks to Bountiful Baskets)...string cheese (uhmm, yeah, I buy this ALL THE TIME! But 4 boys tend to devour string cheese)...and sandwich alternatives.
He gets really tired of sandwiches, understandably, but I'm not sure what else can be eaten on the run.
I managed to get my brain engaged on the topic at 2am (I was working that night) and came up with an idea.
I thought on the Bento box idea from Japan. If I could get a divided container and fill it with finger foods, he could just grab it and go.....
hmmm, on to something there. So I stopped by the store on the way home. They had divided ziplock containers. I picked up 6. 
Then I presented my idea to dear hubby. 
He LOVED it. He wouldn't have to fix his lunch at 0530 am! 
We made a list of what we had in the fridge to fill his lunch and shopped for what was missing.
I filled the main compartment with an entree, added a fruit and a vegi to the smaller slots. I left any condiments off, hubby has a stash at work that he can just add when he is ready to eat. This meant I could make the meals ahead of time without fear of them going soggy. 
I made a list of 'extras' he can add for a treat or something more. 
I just put it in the cupboard next to the menu so he can just look at the list and grab what he wants.
Hopefully, this will make his mornings easier and give a bit of variety to his meals.
Here are the ideas I had:
Entree: BLT wrap, meat and cheese slices, deli style sandwiches, PB&J sandwich (his request), chicken strips....

Vegis: carrot sticks, celery and PB, tomatoes, cucumber slices,

Fruit: grapes, strawberries, plum, peaches, applesauce

Extras placed in snack size bags ready to grab: frozen candy bar, raw almonds, string cheese,  yogurt covered raisins, frozen gogurts, cookies.

Hubby was excited to have all this ready made. 
I am wondering about something similar for school lunches???

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  1. This all sounds awesome and i am definitely stealing your ideas!


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