Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school!

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We've had an amazing summer! Lots of fun. Lots of outings. Lots of projects. But all good things must come to an end.
Today was officially the end of summer vacation.
The boys were all so excited to return to school. We are a bunch of nerds. Yeah, we admit it. We love reading, computers, science and math (well, except mom and math, we don't mix). All nerds are cool (eventually) so back to school is a great time at our house. The boys get excited to meet their teachers, friends and new classmates. School shopping is a breeze with boys. Just t-shirts and jeans. It makes for a low stress event. I even planned to make a special breakfast and all they wanted was cereal- ok, works for me!
 The only exception would be little brother who is left home alone. He was really mad when he couldn't go to school with the big kids. Never fear my dear, pre-school is tomorrow morning! Ahh, 2 hours without children, what's a mom to do? Hmmm, shall I start at the top or bottom of my wish list! hehehehe
This year I feel more at home at the school. I know the teachers and most importantly the secretaries. Plus I am able to be more involved in PTA. We hope to make an even bigger impact for the kids this year!
Add all this to the feel of fall in the air, harvest decor plans, baking, warm soups, homemade gift giving.....Ahhh, great things are happening.
Yep, it's an exciting time all right!

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