Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crayola color wonder!

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I had to try this project. It was so fun to do!
I got my artist canvas on sale at Michael's.
I used 2 boxes of 24 crayons. I have a stock pile of these for school. 
Now is the time to get crayons to have on hand.

I am wondering about doing one in a monogram for my son...hmm, should we do "M" or "T"?
When Mr. M saw it he went "Ohhhhh, color! WOW! Look guys!"
Makes this Momma smile!
 Oh yeah, I am loving it!

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  1. Okay! So how did you melt the crayons? Blow Drier? Just leaving it in the sun... did you do it with them tilted slightly or all the way?


  2. April: I just used my blow drier on high. I stood it up on my bathroom vanity. If you angle it a bit more the wax rolls slower down the canvas. I wondered if it would have made it pool a bit more at the top. Just be careful about wax drips getting blown onto the counter. Give it a try- you'll love it. Have to admit it was simply fun to make.

  3. Wow you are quite the crafter! I have to drop this blogger's name on you, she's always interested in "new" bloggers and is pretty crafty herself! She has a pretty large audience and I am sure you will get a lot of kudos from her and her followers!
    This is my other blog
    Thanks for coming by my garden blog! That's interesting that your soil is affected by the Great Salt Lake like that... my biggest problem is high alkaline from the kinds of trees I have in the woods next to us. Hydrangeas like organic matter so if you do plant them in a container use some composted cow manure to add to a good quality garden soil for them. (You can buy it bagged) Don't be afraid to cut them down in the spring- they will grow great. Fertilize them in the spring and keep well watered.

  4. Thanks for the kudos Liz. I am definitely going to try your suggestions for growing a hydrangea in pot. I will check out the websites you gave too. Thanks so much!


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