Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun Coat hooks...

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I found some small railroad nails in a box of junk at the DI. I was thrilled but my dear friend thought I had a few loose nuts. She just stood back and smiled while I dug through "junk".
I hoped to find a 4th and use them in my bathroom as towel hooks but could not find another. I checked a couple of army surplus stores and still came up short, so on to plan B.
I picked up some square blocks and stars from Michaels.
Painted them, sanded the edges, and added the stars. I used black paint to dry brush the sides for an aged look.
I couldn't decide where to put them so I put them up with Command hook stickies. They are strong enough to hold the coats and backpacks but they are great for giving me an idea if a spot will work before I pound holes in my walls.
I think this spot works well, just behind the front door....
What do you think?

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