Monday, September 5, 2011

Toy Story Pendant.

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 I made this pendant a while ago. When I put it up Mr. M spent the night ooohing and awhing.
 I originally put it up along the seam in the ceiling but when we added a fan I had to move it.
I just used felt for the pendant.
Then printed the pictures off on dark iron on printer paper.
Worked beautifully!
 Now Buzz, Woody and the whole gang watch over the little boys heads!
Mr. M. still LOVES it.

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  1. I am glad Liz referred my blog to you. You have so many cute crafts and ideas. Thanks for sharing and joining my newbie party.

  2. What a darling banner. Woody and the gang ....couldn't think of a better group to watch over the room. Thank you for sharing. Bobbie


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