Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thanking our Heros!

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 The news is filled with rememberings of 9/11. 
I realized 3 of my 4 boys were not even born. Do they understand what all the fuss is about?
I had been to the Towers just after the first bombing in 1994. 
I remember visiting DC and driving past the Pentegon.
I remember sprawling fields of Pennsylvania all on a history tour in high school. 
How different that tour would be now.
I remember being in my living room in our first house. I was just barely pregnant with our second.
Dear hubby was at school and I was off work cleaning house.
I don't remember why I turned the tv on, if my mom called or I already had it on but I remember sitting in stunned amazement as the first tower burned. Then watching the next planes crash as well. Like so many others that day remains vivid in my mind. Someone was quoted as stating "this is our Pearl Harbor". I can relate to that. Few events in the history of America have etched their way permanently into our minds as these have. What a tragic day. My heart goes out to all those touched personally by these events. 
May God watch over you and yours. 
America is STILL great! 
We have heroes everyday touching lives and never asking for anything in return. 
It is this type of behavior upon which this Land of Liberty has been built.
You are not forgotten. 
I will remember.
My children will remember.
My family will remember.
Generations will remember 
the sacrifice of so many to secure the freedom that defines 
America- the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.
Thank you! We love you!
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