Friday, September 9, 2011

A New Cooking Blog!

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Well, new to me at least......
I walked into work this week and found a co-worker looking at
Mommy's Kitchen
Mommy’s Kitchen
Ooooh, Leave that up!
I knew I needed to take a look. My menus have been in a rut lately, just waiting for cooler weather to make delicious soups and chili's.
Let me tell you what! I am excited to redo my menu for this coming week. I didn't finish my shopping yesterday and now I'm glad!
Her blog runner is just my style. Family meals, country style hit a nerve for me as well.
Then I scrolled down to find....
Then we had to search for a Peach Cobbler
ooh, my mouth is watering already! Fresh peaches wrapped in a warm flakey crust. Add a scoop of French vanilla ice cream! Peach Cobbler A la Mode!
My boys are eating school lunch (we are blessed to have a GOOD school lunch, homemade style) but these are good enough to tempt me to return to my old ways...
Comfort food... Turkey & Stuffing on a weeknight!
Okay! ENOUGH ALREADY! My belly is growling and I've got work to do. Dinner is still a ways off. I would love to show you more but I just can't handle it. Take a look for yourself. A peek just won't do.
In the VERY unlikely event you can't get enough check out her Sunday Potluck! So many additional recipes linked up. You will definitely have enough to fill your menu!
Check her out! You will be in love!

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