Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Harvest "Mantel"

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We don't really have a mantel but I use our bookshelf to decorate for each season. I love how a little change can go a long way.
I want to change the sign on the wall. I have a project in mind and hopefully will be able to get to it this week. Halloween is dear hubby's favorite holiday but I DON"T do scarey! I tend to beat spiders in my sleep and he wakes up with a couple of bruises. Really! I know it's crazy but I do. I used to sleep walk really bad too. My mom tells me I tried to walk out into a blizzard to find my dad. :-/
Needless to say around my house are the fun parts of fall and Halloween more than the spooky. 
I also have a couple of projects from last year that I need to finish. 
Keeping my fingers crossed I will get to some of them this week.
My list is growing longer. There are so many great ideas and just not enough time!

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